Coast Road Menace: Brussel Sprouts

Darn if those seasonal coastal hazards don’t wreck havoc on the rest of us. Reported in the Register-Pajaronian, (and try repeating that three-times-fast), is this bit of news:

Brussels sprouts spill blocks Highway 1
Posted: Thursday, Nov 6th, 2008

A sudden braking movement led to a hefty spill of freshly harvested Brussels sprouts Wednesday on Highway 1 in Santa Cruz.

Officer Grant Boles of the California Highway Patrol said the driver, a 41-year-old Salinas man, was traveling southbound on Highway 1 north of the La Fonda over-crossing at 10:50 a.m. when he braked hard for slowed traffic.

That action snapped a brace of the agriculture flatbed rig and pitched six boxes of Brussels sprouts over the freeway.

Boles said that the CHP had to close the southbound lanes for short period of time to allow for cleanup. The incident created extensive backups. No injuries were reported.


(Published in 11/6/08 edition)

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