Seen in The Malibu Times:

Malibu Green Machine obtained a PCH improvement permit from CalTrans, allowing the nonprofit to beautify Pacific Coast Highway with a median landscape project.

A ceremony will precede the project which is tentatively scheduled to begin February 16th. Funding allows for about a mile and a half of beautification. Construction manager Bill Ropp told agencies involved that the beautification project might be constructed in phases. “One thing we know is that a landscaped highway has a calming effect on traffic, so it has the potential to make it safer, and it will deter people from making illegal U-turns.”

In addition to hoping the project will improve safety along Pacific Coast Highway is the obvious benefit that the drive will be more aesthetically pleasing. The highway medians would also provide fire safety, (an issue of consideration in Malibu), because they will be irrigated.

What’s amazing about this story is how long it took to plan this project. Over two years of work by a non-profit to coordinate with both local government and CalTrans. There is obviously more to merely planting plants in the middle of the road.