Beautiful Day Situation

Weather today, feverish
Spring Fever
Welcome relief from a slew of flus.

The kind of day that makes people leave work early
head west, to go
driving in the sun.
A warm, round huggy sun
reminding us why we’re so glad to be alive.

[[[[Silent Moment.]]]]

On my way home,
away from the crowds, the masses, and four choices of cable providers
I roll with the curvy country road at 30 to 50 mph
around one bend, a graceful comma, along this tale of a road,
lay a motorcyclist
on his back
one knee raised,
his helmet still on. bloody nose. pale face. his buddy’s hand
on his shoulder
pressed against the asphalt
“You’re listening to me right now.”
“Look at me.”

I stop, even though I had to get 6 miles in 5 minutes or else the place will close.
What would you do?


Stop, fumble the seat-belt, emerge from the car and ask, “What can I do?”

“Do you have cell service?”

“Not a bit.” Approach tentatively. “Have you asked a resident along this road for their phone?”

“No.” [[[[ s t o p ]]]] “This just happened.”
Does not
know what to do.

A big black truck, the kind the rich ranch boys drive aggressively around these hills stops. Ballcap. Sideburns. One cheek full. “Anyone call?” I like that. Immediately to the point. We ask if he has cell service. “I don’t here but I’ll drive where I do and call.” Dust kicks up behind his tires.

By the time I got to the post office the news had hit, calls had been made, and now it was just a matter of time until the cops could haul the ten miles south. The cops, the ambulance, anyone.

If this happens on a weekend, with this beautiful weather, the emergency crew speeding to the scene have a heck of a time getting around all those day trippers.

All those people
who think a good idea
on a beautiful day
is to get in their cars
and drive.

Drive the Coast Road
in search of

On a beautiful warm day too many people think it’s a good idea
to come coastside
when it’s beautiful and warm at their home,
and drive all over ours.


Don’t come. Stay home.

You’ve worked
so hard
for that home,
and all that cable,
away from that xBox.

Stay home.
Enjoy it.
Your hard-earned prizes.

Out here on the Coast Road,
we’ll stay home too.


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