Horseback Riding across Golden Gate Bridge

UPDATE: So there is a reason why a guy rode a horse across the Golden Gate Bridge and the newspaper did not include this as there are too many activists who use the Golden Gate Bridge as a stage to promote their cause. The newspapers do not publicize the story behind the story so as to (try to) limit the amount of Golden Gate Bridge activism.  I like the story behind the story, because that usually makes for a better story, so please read about the horseback rider and his “Ride For Freedom” cause.

Comments provide more information, plus comedic quips on the news, so kindly read the comments below the article, from The Chron here.



2 thoughts on “Horseback Riding across Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Nope. The authorities made the man lead the horse back off the bridge. That horse must’ve been freeeaaked out on the bridge in the wind/rain AND with all the automobiles around it! Jeez!

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