2 thoughts on “Waddell

  1. In my book, “La Nostra Costa” (Our Coast,) I have a chapter entitled: “La Strada Per Pescadero” (The Road to Pescadero). With my father “Bronco” driving the “Old Carrettone” (a 1934 Lafayette), my mother Valentina seated in the front seat and my brother John and I, seated in the back, I remember quite vividly that stretch of Coast Road, which we called “La Slida” (The Slide — at the Waddel Bluffs). On Page 130 I write”
    “Driving very carefully, my father kept an eye on the steep and very high cliffs (i.e.Wadell Bluffs) lurking ominously,directly above the highway.
    — It was quite common for large boulders and rocks to come down from above and land on the road — or worse, on someone’s car. Though from time to time we had to drive around some fallen rocks, a boulder never did crush our car. As we crossed the countyline (Santa Cruz-San Mateo), we would all breathe a sigh of relief. We had made it safely, yet we knew that we had to travel back on that same stretch of highway on our way back home.
    La Slida was always in the back our minds as we proceeded north on the Coast Road (towards Pescadero.)”

    Sempre Avanti,


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