November Grass by Judy Van der Veer

“All that water and nothing can happen to it.  The ocean is one thing people can’t harm.  They can cross it in ships, or fly over it, but they can’t leave any lasting impression on it.  They plow up land and the wind blows it away, they chop down forests and mountainsides erode, but they can’t do anything to the ocean.  A big storm comes along and after it’s over, the water is the same again.  It is the one savage and primitive thing left in nature.”

November Grass, written by Judy Van der Veer, first printing 1940.

4 thoughts on “November Grass by Judy Van der Veer

  1. “…nothing can happen it it…” –really? what about the floating plastic trash islands? Exxon? BP? Yes, something can happen to the Oceans–and apparently it’s not much on the positive side.

    It is a beautiful cover.

  2. the scene reminds me of the Santa Ynez Valley hills around Los Alamos along Highway 1.

    Another great interpreter of those hills, trees, and light: Eyvind Earle.

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