La Nostra Costa Days this Sunday at Swanton

SUNDAY, OCT 17, 2010

Ivano Franco Comelli, Author–Screenwriter of La Nostra Costa

La Nostra Costa click to read book review on this blog.

In his guise as the “Old Rancere,” Ivano will re-create (with stories and songs), historical events as they might have occurred on the North Coast of Santa Cruz (1923-1983). Come join us for a fun afternoon of food, music, and “tall tales of old.”

Swanton Berry Farm – 2 miles north of Davenport.
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00PM
Fee: Voluntary Donations Only (to cover food costs)

4 thoughts on “La Nostra Costa Days this Sunday at Swanton

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  2. Thanks Coast Road for your plug of the “La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) Event
    this next Sunday, Oct 17. The Swanton Berry Farm will be preparing hot food for the event, however, anyone is welcome to bring along his own picnic basket with their favorit wine. Also the following local authors will be displaying and selling their books at the Event:
    Robert W. Piwarzyk & Alverda Orlando, authors of Davenport Cement Centennial, Limekiln Legacies, and Valley of Redwoods.

    Nancy Lynn Jarvis, author of 3 mystery books set in Santa Cruz County: Buying Murder, Backyard Bones, and The Death Contingency. Website:
    Joe Aliberti, author of Joey, the autobiography of a Davenport Native describing life on the North Coast of Santa Cruz during the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s…….. Website:

    Ivano Franco Comelli, author of La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) A Family’s Journey to and From the North Coast of Santa Cruz :

    These books make wonderful Christmas Gifts and it is great way
    of spreading the word re: Coast Road and Santa Cruz North Coast
    History. Sempre Avanti. ivn0

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