Coast Road Bookstore

Basically, click “Literature” category in the sidebar to read this blog’s California coast book recommendations. The Coast Road is a compendium of books about life on California’s coast.

[Always under Construction. Please pardon our dust.]

4 thoughts on “Coast Road Bookstore

  1. Not sure you know about my book on the coast, published in 2012 and updated several times. It’s titled With the Sea Beside Me: an intimate guide to California’s central and north coast. It is almost mile by mile from Santa Barbara to the Oregon Border.

  2. You reviewed my book Coast Highway 1 two years ago. Inspired by your wonderful Coast Road blog I have published the fourth in the California Coast Road Mystery series and I would very much like to send it to you. It is called Death in a California Landscape. The novel goes back in time to the early California plain air painters, Kleish, Rose, and the mystery winds up and down the coast road from Laguna Beach to the Big Sur. I would love to send it to you. Is it possible to have a mailing address?

  3. I’m lacking the time to construct this bookshop of coast road titles.

    If you click on “Literature,” you’ll see all books that I’ve reviewed in this blog. There are so many titles that I haven’t reviewed though.

    I could just list titles and authors here, until I have bandwidth to customize this space, maybe that’d just be the quick ‘n easy route?

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