On the Coast of California – Currier & Ives

Currier & Ives lithographed the West for the railroad.  The coastal scene above presents a California that is both abundant and simple.  A magnificent mountain peaks above clouds.  Ships harbor in the distance and a man walks with his burros towards the village along the coast road. Idyllic.  Edenic.  An untouched world available to possibility. Other… Read More On the Coast of California – Currier & Ives

Alex Schaefer :: Pacific Coast Highway

Alex Schaefer paints PCH at the intersection of Corral Canyon Road. Alex does not omit the modern details.  Emphasis upon the painting’s foreground directs the viewer’s focus onto a traffic signal holding cars at red stoplight.  Stop.  Focus. The sand-squatting hulk of a grey concrete west highway residence takes up center space of this painting,… Read More Alex Schaefer :: Pacific Coast Highway