“The further south we headed, the more surfers appeared.”

This post could have been entitled, “A Departure From The Road,” or “Before The Road There Were Trains,” but the former seems cliché and the latter’s too wordy. The quote from Ray Navis’ article in the Santa Ynez Valley Journal seems a most fitting title for this post, The further south we headed, the more… Read More “The further south we headed, the more surfers appeared.”


First out on the road, on a weekend morning, Chryslers and Dodges, convertibles and sedans, rental cars for tourists. Next Gas 33 Miles Black asphalt, solid yellow double lines, freshly-plowed fields. Umber sandstone bluffs, black jagged rocks, white foam, and a cold, blue, shimmery-velvet Pacific. Cabrillo Highway. On the long straight-aways, seventeen Harley-riding bikers rumble… Read More Southbound

Moontara, CA

Moonlight tonight shines more full than half. Moonbeams from southwest to northeast. White wavy light across the water from Montara Lighthouse to its mountain, illuminating Devil’s Slide. The highway, an old railroad bed empty of headlights. San Pedro Mountain, the original coast route, Portolà’s route up-and-over to discover the big bay. State Route 56 Ocean… Read More Moontara, CA