North Central Coast :: Giselle Lawson

Just came across another coastal artist, Giselle Lawson of the central coast. Giselle paints California with a delicate study of agriculture, open space and atmosphere. Her Monterey Fog, above, elegantly captures that murky greyness we know so well, living here on the coast, yet, she's also included in her painting the hint of light: the … Continue reading North Central Coast :: Giselle Lawson

Coast of California – Tom Killion

Tom Killion perfects the effort of capturing California's coast visually, and in text, with his book, Coast of California. First handprinted in 1979 from his Santa Cruz garage, then reprinted in 1987 by a Boston publisher, Tom initially focused his work geographically from Point Reyes to Point Sur. The second printing stretched out to encompass … Continue reading Coast of California – Tom Killion