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Just came across another coastal artist, Giselle Lawson of the central coast.

Monterey Fog by Giselle Lawson

Giselle paints California with a delicate study of agriculture, open space and atmosphere. Her Monterey Fog, above, elegantly captures that murky greyness we know so well, living here on the coast, yet, she’s also included in her painting the hint of light: the hope of sun lifting the fog mid-morning for a chance at a sunny afternoon.

Sea & Sky by Giselle Lawson In her Sea & Sky, Giselle gives the viewer an infinity of atmosphere between the blue-grey ocean and the grey-white sky. It could be difficult to determine the line of demarcation as the eye wants to blend the two seamlessly together. Cloud shadows hint at possible encroaching darkness. Highway 1, Monterey County by Giselle Lawson

Telephone lines and power lines are included in the subject treatment of several paintings, such as Highway 1, Monterey County. Giselle doesn’t paint them out in order to romanticize our California coastscape. Besides, these lines usually follow our roads, so to include them in the painting is also to provide the hint of a road following below the poles and lines, whether that be Highway 1 or a back road perched on the contours of the coast range.

Click any of the paintings to link over to Giselle’s site – Enjoy.

The Coast of California by Tom KillionTom Killion perfects the effort of capturing California’s coast visually, and in text, with his book, Coast of California. First handprinted in 1979 from his Santa Cruz garage, then reprinted in 1987 by a Boston publisher, Tom initially focused his work geographically from Point Reyes to Point Sur. The second printing stretched out to encompass further north to Mendocino scenes such as Westport and southward to include the extinct volcano and quarried Morro Rock, as well as Palisades Park in Santa Monica.

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Erin Gafill provides a beautiful articulation of Central California’s coast. Above is a view that allows imagination of California without a Coast Road. No road cuts. No vista pull-outs. No cable mesh and k-rails to brace hillside slumping. Pretty.

Eric Soderquist eloquently captures natural California.


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