Sing-Along State Song :: I Love You California

I Love You, California (1913)written by, Francis Bernard Silverwood (1863-1924) composed by Abraham Franklin Frankenstein (1873-1934) I. I love you, California, you're the greatest state of all. I love you in the winter, summer, spring and in the fall. I love your fertile valleys; your dear mountains I adore. I love your grand old ocean and I … Continue reading Sing-Along State Song :: I Love You California

Paying the Toll

Louise Nelson Dyble's recently published Paying The Toll - Local Power, Regional Politics, and the Golden Gate Bridge is a rich compendium of Golden Gate Bridge history. So rich in the amount of information, that I've held off mentioning this book as a blog post because I figured all of you have been on summer … Continue reading Paying the Toll

Happy 72nd Anniversary, Golden Gate Bridge!

May 27th is the Anniversary Date for our beloved Golden Gate Bridge.  May 28th, 1937 was the first day for automobile traffic to drive across.  Never, well, perhaps the Brooklyn Bridge, has a bridge so captured the hearts of a population. The Bridge is often a photography model, imprinted on endless amounts of tourist products, and … Continue reading Happy 72nd Anniversary, Golden Gate Bridge!

Golden Gate by Ansel Adams

Golden Gate Before the Bridge, San Francisco, California, 1932 from Kevin Starr's Endangered Dreams: "A decade of legal maneuvering, public debate, surveys, and engineering proposals followed.  The Bridge had many opponents: shipping companies, who claimed that the Bridge would impede navigation; the Southern Pacific-Golden Gate Ferries, Ltd., anxious not to lose its monopoly on the … Continue reading Golden Gate by Ansel Adams