The Golden Left Coast on the Edge

This is the tale of two Fradkins: 1. Philip Fradkin 1974 and 2011 2. Philip Fradkin, father and Alex Fradkin, his son. Philip and Alex have published The Left Coast - California On The Edge, written by Philip, with accompanying photos taken by Alex.  The two have spent the past five years writing about, and snapping … Continue reading The Golden Left Coast on the Edge

Coast Road Wayfarer

Dude gave me his name, but I didn't ask his permission to share, so I'll tell you that dude's name is "Noah."  Noah's hitched rides from Shasta County to the San Mateo County coast.  He has no specific destination.  New Mexico, ultimately, then back home. "Lightning Fields, New Mexico," I suggested.  Noah hadn't heard about … Continue reading Coast Road Wayfarer

Weather Report :: 37.45°N 122.41°W (Elev. 59 ft)

Foggy at the coast. Sunny and warm 2 miles inland. In celebration of the return of our beloved fog to the California coast after two weeks of weather extremes: 30 mph wind gusts for a week, followed by wiltingly-hot temperatures, let's resurrect two old books for their descriptions of California's sea fog, also known as … Continue reading Weather Report :: 37.45°N 122.41°W (Elev. 59 ft)