Coast Road. A Steinbeck Study

California Literature, think foremost:  John Steinbeck.   Think:  Steinbeck.  Monterey.   Salinas.  Jolon.  Eden. Coast Road? Pair these two California icons and try to find a relationship:  Does John Steinbeck appear along Highway 1?  Does Highway 1 appear in John Steinbeck's novels? No Coast Road for Steinbeck's characters to travel upon. Zero mentions in over … Continue reading Coast Road. A Steinbeck Study

A Rustic Village, SJC – 1908.

Not for a long time had I been in a place that so filled me with delight as did Capistrano in Southern California.  Such a dreamy, easy-going community - no hurry, no worry - such a luxuriant valley, such lofty environing hills with the green turf clothing every rounded outline!  Then, to the north, were … Continue reading A Rustic Village, SJC – 1908.

Golden Gate by Ansel Adams

Golden Gate Before the Bridge, San Francisco, California, 1932 from Kevin Starr's Endangered Dreams: "A decade of legal maneuvering, public debate, surveys, and engineering proposals followed.  The Bridge had many opponents: shipping companies, who claimed that the Bridge would impede navigation; the Southern Pacific-Golden Gate Ferries, Ltd., anxious not to lose its monopoly on the … Continue reading Golden Gate by Ansel Adams

‘A la California. Sketch of life in the Golden state. By Col. Albert S. Evans.

From Pescadero to Santa Cruz is thirty-six miles, by the road which winds along the coast past Point Año Nuevo and Pigeon Point to the Bay of Monterey, and thence southeastward, through a rich and highly-cultivated farming region, to the old Spanish Mission on the hill, below and around which the modern town, one of … Continue reading ‘A la California. Sketch of life in the Golden state. By Col. Albert S. Evans.