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California Literature, think foremost:  John Steinbeck.  John Steinbeck

Think:  Steinbeck.  Monterey.   Salinas.  Jolon.  Eden.

Coast Road?

Pair these two California icons and try to find a relationship:  Does John Steinbeck appear along Highway 1?  Does Highway 1 appear in John Steinbeck’s novels?

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Not for a long time had I been in a place that so filled me with delight as did Capistrano in Southern California.  Such a dreamy, easy-going community – no hurry, no worry – such a luxuriant valley, such lofty environing hills with the green turf clothing every rounded outline!  Then, to the north, were the rocky peaks of a mountain range, serene and blue in the distance.  The village itself was a queer huddle of primitive houses, some no more than board shanties, and none of them large or in the least pretentious.

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Golden Gate Before the BridgeGolden Gate Before the Bridge, San Francisco, California, 1932

from Kevin Starr’s Endangered Dreams:

“A decade of legal maneuvering, public debate, surveys, and engineering proposals followed.  The Bridge had many opponents: shipping companies, who claimed that the Bridge would impede navigation; the Southern Pacific-Golden Gate Ferries, Ltd., anxious not to lose its monopoly on the sole means of getting across the North Bay; the War Department, which claimed that the Bridge could be destroyed by naval gunfire in time of war and its collapsed structure would block the port; Sierra Club activists, who resented what they considered a needless intrusion of engineering onto a spectacular natural site.”

Oh All Mighty God
Who has given us this earth
and has appointed men to have domination over it.

Who has commanded us to make straight
the highways
to lift up the valleys
and to make the mountains low.

We ask thy blessing
bless these
our nation’s road builders
and their friends.

Author Unknown

source: Taken For A Ride The real story of the auto/oil industry campaign to destroy public transit and push the auto. A Film By: Jim Klein and Martha Olson.

From Pescadero to Santa Cruz is thirty-six miles, by the road which winds along the coast past Point Año Nuevo and Pigeon Point to the Bay of Monterey, and thence southeastward, through a rich and highly-cultivated farming region, to the old Spanish Mission on the hill, below and around which the modern town, one of the most beautiful and thriving in California, has grown up within the past fifteen years

What a glorious gallop we–Chirimoya and I–had over the clean, hard, undulating road on that autumn morning after I left Pescadero! Californians will understand me and pardon my enthusiasm, possibly sympathize with me in it; but you of the older and more staid and conventional East cannot do so, and I pass the description, as you would inevitably pass it if you came upon it in print.

Passing over a pine-clad spur of Santa Cruz mountains, which here come close down to the coast, we halted for a time to rest and look about. This is a famous place for gathering the pine-cones, with fragments of which ladies are wont to construct elaborately wrought picture.frames and other “ornamental” work, very ugly, and very effective as dust-catchers, but excellent things for presents to religiously inclined friends, who are thereby brought to a realizing appreciation of the force of the scriptural maxim, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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