Two stops along Big Sur coast

Two Caltrans projects halt cars on Highway 1 through Big Sur.  The northern one consists of maintenance and improvements at Rocky Creek Bridge.  The southern project consists of two constructions, both well-coordinated to appear as one project; a bridge at Pitkins Curve and a rock shed at Rain Rocks. Project #1 - Rocky Creek Bridge Along the … Continue reading Two stops along Big Sur coast

Pitkins Curve & Rain Rocks

A roadwork project with its own logo, and flyer! Pitkins Curve and Rain Rocks lie south of Lucia, north of Limekiln. Pitkins Curve is The Highway 1 spot for road closure during wet winters, yet even during the dry season, the hillside is an intimidating scree of graywacke; hence the name:  Rain Rocks.   Most … Continue reading Pitkins Curve & Rain Rocks