Coast Road Wayfarer

Dude gave me his name, but I didn't ask his permission to share, so I'll tell you that dude's name is "Noah."  Noah's hitched rides from Shasta County to the San Mateo County coast.  He has no specific destination.  New Mexico, ultimately, then back home. "Lightning Fields, New Mexico," I suggested.  Noah hadn't heard about … Continue reading Coast Road Wayfarer

Stage Road, the original Coast Road, San Gregorio

I'm here, just experiencing the winter doldrums + researching California's Plein Air artists, learning about Tonalism, and the difference between Southern California Plein Air artists, and the Northern California ones. Capitalization of "Southern" and "Northern," entirely intentional.  Keep visiting.  I'll post again soon.


First out on the road, on a weekend morning, Chryslers and Dodges, convertibles and sedans, rental cars for tourists. Next Gas 33 Miles Black asphalt, solid yellow double lines, freshly-plowed fields. Umber sandstone bluffs, black jagged rocks, white foam, and a cold, blue, shimmery-velvet Pacific. Cabrillo Highway. On the long straight-aways, seventeen Harley-riding bikers rumble … Continue reading Southbound